Bharadwaj Ramachandran

Hello, world!

I'm Bharadwaj, an undergraduate in computer science at Carnegie Mellon University.

I worked on PrivacyGrade as a part of my mobile privacy research. This work has been featured on Time magazine and The New York Times.

Past Projects

I teach 98-291, Introduction to Android Development, and helped create and pilot the course in Spring 2016. In the past, I have been on a world-champion robotics team, and featured on live television for an academic quiz bowl (warning: hilarity ensued).


I'm a computer science major at Carnegie Mellon University. When I'm not learning more about math, computer science and software engineering, I can be found playing video games, watching sports, reading literature, and exploring Pittsburgh.

I'm interested in...

...most things in computer science. Lately, I've gotten into algorithms, cryptography, and complexity theory. Before that, I was into compilers and programming language semantics. I also enjoy mobile development and have significant experience with Android development (and a little iOS). I have a soft spot for computer systems classes where I learn to hack in C like it was 1989. And of course, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that where I come from, functions are values, and pirates split gold very often.